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Program Types: School Counselor Programs

To renew a school counseling endorsement (NT) or license per MCL 380.1233 (effective February 6, 2020), school counselors must receive 50 of the required 150 education-related professional learning hours in the following specified areas:

  • 25 hours - college preparation and selection; and
  • 25 hours – career consultation; 5 of which MUST include the exploration of military career options. (Any hours earned over 5 in the military career option will be counted in the career consultation option.)

These specific hours must be accrued through State Continuing Education Clock Hours (SCECH) programs. When completing a program application designed to offer hours in one of the above specified areas, the coordinator or assistant coordinator must select the School Counseling category. Selecting this category will open fields in the application to enter hours for the specific required areas. Fill in only the maximum number of hours attainable in the area(s) described in the program documentation.

screenshot of MOECS school counseling category

General educators may take part in programs designed for school counselors in the specific areas. These hours should be recorded in the specified areas and will count toward their required 150 hours. The Michigan Online Educator Certification System (MOECS) has been revised to display hours from these areas for all educators.

Note: The other 100 hours needed for renewal may also be awarded from these specified areas or may be accrued through general SCECHs, college credits or district provided professional development.


For further information, please contact the MDE SCECH Program Administrator at or 517-241-4928.