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Program Types: Welcome Back Proud Michigan Educator

The Michigan Department of Education (MDE) is launching the Welcome Back Proud Michigan Educators campaign for educators with expired credentials to return to the teaching workforce by reducing or eliminating professional learning recertification requirements. The campaign recognizes these educators' experience and preparation while providing an opportunity for immediate employment with a local education agency (LEA), both traditional public school districts and public school academies (PSAs), as part of strategic efforts to increase the number of certified educators in areas of shortage.

The following steps list the basic process for applying for and awarding State Continuing Education Clock Hours (SCECHs) to a Welcome Back Proud Michigan Educators Campaign program participant.

  1. District’s SCECH Coordinator receives the receives confirmation of MDE approval and information for an educator participating in the Welcome Back Proud Michigan Educators Campaign.
  2. The Coordinator submits the program application through the Michigan Online Educator Certification System (MOECS).
    • Program Title: Welcome Back Proud Michigan Educators Campaign
    • Program Format: Face-to-Face
    • Display in Catalog: No
    • Location: Select the “Same Location as that of sponsor” box
    • Category: Proud Michigan Educators Campaign
    • Course Narrative: Name of educator participating in the Welcome Back Proud Michigan Educators Campaign.
    • Offering Dates: The same date as the program application. 
    • Program Descriptor: Proud Michigan Educator
    • General SCECHs: 150 hours
    • Required Documentation: PDF of confirmation email sent from MDE.
  3. The MDE reviews and accepts the program application in MOECS. The system will generate an email to the Coordinator stating the program has been approved.
  4. Once the program is accepted, the Coordinator uploads the participant information into MOECS using the General SCECHs listed on the program and the upload date as the Event Date.
  5. The participants receive an automated email notice that SCECHs have been uploaded and the online evaluation is available.
  6. After completing the required online program evaluation in MOECS, the SCECHs will be awarded to the educator’s account. Educators may answer the evaluation with N/A. 
  7. The participant may then apply for the renewal of their certificate/license.