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Educator Recruitment and Retention Initiatives

Programs for Students in Grades 6-12

Future PME Explore

Explore: Programs for Grades 6-12

Future PME Explore supports local and intermediate school districts in developing participatory student learning experiences for students in grades 6-12. With supervision and mentoring from local educators, students can learn more about educational strategies, systems and professions. As a partner, MDE provides Explore programs with flexible models for implementation, content standards and curriculum, student learning modules and professional development for educators.

Explore Programs
Future Proud Michigan Educator Launch logo

Launch: Earn a Credential

The Michigan Department of Education, Office of Career and Technical Education (MDE-OCTE) expanded educational opportunities by developing the Future Proud Michigan Educator (FPME) LAUNCH program for students who are interested in careers in education or other fields related to children. Students in the program can earn a Child Development Associate (CDA) credential or Michigan School-Age Youth Development Associate (MI-YDA) credential. Students take specialized coursework, develop portfolios, and participate in practical field/clinical experiences.

Launch Programs

Returning to the Profession

Welcome Back Proud Michigan Educator Logo

Welcome Back Proud Michigan Educator

The Welcome Back Proud Michigan Educators campaign encourages educators who are formerly certified or certified but not teaching to seek full-time employment by partnering with a school district. The Michigan Department of Education (MDE) has created a process to reduce or eliminate barriers to recertification and to facilitate re-entry into the profession.
Welcome Back Proud Michigan Educator Campaign
Welcome Home Proud Michigan Educator

Welcome Home Proud Michigan Educator

Have you taken a break from the teaching profession and are ready to return? Have you moved away and looking for that perfect opportunity to return to your roots? We are excited to welcome home proud Michigan educators!
Welcome Home Proud Michigan Educator

Grow Your Own Teachers

Paid Student Teaching

Students enrolled in teacher preparation programs have long been an underutilized resource for filling vacancies when a district is having difficulty finding fully certified teachers—particularly in a time of teacher shortage and during a pandemic. While certainly not as advantageous as their fully certified counterparts, student teachers may be beneficial to school districts as employees in certain limited circumstances due to their demonstrated commitment to the teaching profession and essential entry-level knowledge and skills for working with students. Though this approach should not be used to circumvent the hiring of fully credentialed staff, or be implemented in a widespread manner, hiring student teachers does provide a choice that is better than hiring an individual with no training or no experience.
Supporting Hard-to-Fill Positions with Teaching Candidates

School Personnel Grant

The Michigan Department of Education (MDE) is continuing the Future Proud Michigan Educator (Future PME) initiative with a new grant opportunity for districts to support K-12 school personnel. This grant is an extension of Michigan’s efforts to grow and diversify the educator workforce and reduce educator shortages through the Future PME initiative.

Grant funds may be used to support non-certificated employees working toward initial teacher certification or currently certified teachers looking to add an additional endorsement to a Michigan teaching certificate. Eligible expenses for this grant include teacher preparation coursework tuition and program fees at an approved Michigan educator preparation provider, licensure testing fees, and substitute permit costs.

School Personnel Grant Information

Substitute Teaching Permits

The permit system is designed to support an educator into becoming a teacher. Permit renewal requirements require mentoring, district observation and feedback, and preparation enrollment and coursework. These requirements can all be completed while working as a teacher of record.

Daily Substitute Teacher Transition Plan

Other Recruitment Initiatives

Expedited and Alternative Teacher Preparation Programs

Expedited and Alternative Route programs leverage the knowledge and skills already developed by non-traditional teacher candidates to provide a streamlined preparation program.

Educator Workforce Job Fairs

The 2022 education workforce job fairs connect job seekers and those hiring teachers, substitute teachers, bus drivers, custodians, paraprofessionals, secretaries, administrators, and other education-related positions.

Educator Workforce Job Fairs

Special Education Placement Waiver

***Placement flexibility for teaching out of area***

Teacher Exchange Programs

These collaborative agreements provide schools the opportunity to recruit world language teachers.

Teacher Exchange Programs

Certificate Reciprocity

Credentials earned in another state or country may differ from Michigan programs and credentials; however, the department attempts to match certificates, grade levels, and content endorsements as closely as possible. 

MDE is with working with state legislators to revise statute to further expand the ability to issue Michigan certification based on out-of-state licensure.

Retention Initiatives

Professional Learning

To alleviate reporting of inaccurate information and to streamline the educator certificate renewal process, the Michigan Department of Education (MDE) simplified the process educators use to report District Provided Professional Development (DPPD) for recertification.
DPPD Reporting

Mentoring and Induction

Mentoring and induction programs are an effective strategy to improve success and retention of beginning teachers while increasing student learning and achievement. State law (MCL 380.1526) requires districts to assign mentors to new teachers and for new teachers to receive an additional 15 days of professional development over their first 3 years of employment.
Mentoring and Induction

Educator Workforce Research

Long-term and short-term analyses pertinent to workforce issues are intended to support internal and external stakeholders in making informed decisions regarding educator preparation, credentialing, hiring, professional learning, and retention.

Educator Workforce Research

Diversity and Equity in the Education Workforce

To support Michigan's efforts to grow and diversify the educator workforce, the Michigan Department of Education (MDE) awarded the 2021 Diversity and Equity in the Education Workforce competitive planning grant. Intermediate School Districts and Regional Educational Service Agencies were invited to apply for this grant funding to support efforts to ensure a diverse workforce in their learning communities.

Grant funds supported the development of high-quality professional development enhancing the experiences of teachers of color, and resources and materials designed to support and retain a diverse professional workforce.

Diversity and Equity in the Education Workforce Resources

Recognition Programs

Michigan’s educators are among the nation’s best and it’s important to highlight the incredible work they do every day to provide our next generation with a high-quality education. Whether you’re a student, parent, fellow educator, community member or stakeholder, we encourage you to help us shine the spotlight on the all-too-often unsung heroes in our schools across the state. 

Recognition Programs

Boost Staff Salaries

Districts have an opportunity to use non-recurring funds to boost staff salaries, particularly those for early career teachers.

Using Non-recurring Funds to Develop Gifts that Keep Giving