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EMC Administration Manual

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EMC Administration Manual 2023


Table of Contents

Acronyms and Abbreviations

Acronyms and Abbreviations


EMC History, EMC Entities, the Michigan Early Middle College Association and Dual Enrollment

  • History of Michigan Early Middle Colleges
  • EMC Philosophy and Populations Served
  • EMC Definition and Student Outcomes
  • EMC Entity Types
  • High-Quality EMC Program
  • On-Track and Off-Track Graduate Definitions
  • How To Start an EMC
  • EMC Design Principles, Beliefs and Best Practices
  • “The Big Four” Dimension of College Readiness
  • Michigan Early Middle College Association (MEMCA)
  • Purpose of MEMCA
  • MEMCA Student Certificate
  • MEMCA Membership
  • Dr. Chery Wagonlander EMC Excellence in Practice Awards
  • Early Middle College and Dual Enrollment

EMC Application and Operational Processes

  • EMC Application Process
  • Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)
  • Five Year Program of Study (POS)
  • Final Year Math and Pupil Membership
  • Board of Education Minutes
  • Organizational Chart
  • Focus Areas
  • Role of the EMC Coordinator
  • Collaboration and Coordination
  • EMC Student Supports
  • Data Management and Student Reporting
  • Leadership, Technical Assistance and Professional Development
  • Program Quality
  • Role of the EMC Postsecondary Partners
  • EMC Funding
  • EMC Naming
  • Tuition and Fees
  • Remedial Coursework
  • EMC Document Retention
  • Changing EMC Entity Types
  • Out of State Postsecondary Partners
  • EMC Closure
  • Reinstatement of EMC Closed by MDE

Student Coding and Reporting

  • 3500 Code
  • Does the 3500 EMC Code Automatically Upload to MSDS From a Student Information System (SIS)
    Coding Appeals for 11th Grade EMC Students
  • Students Missing a Semester
  • Reporting by EMC Type
  • EMC Program or EMC High School
  • EMC Consortia
  • Reporting the Extra Grade Level (Fifth Year) in MSDS
  • EMC Student State Assessment Exam
  • Graduation Year on the EMC Student Diploma
  • Student Transcripts
  • Out of State EMC Transfer Students
  • In-State EMC Student Transfers
  • Athletics
  • Homeschool and Nonpublic Students
  • Free/Reduced Lunch for EMC Students
  • Academic Honors
  • Special Education Students
  • Age

Pupil Accounting


Data Systems

  • Data Quality Reports
  • Student Reporting Information Sessions
  • MI School Data
  • Center for Educational Performance and Information (CEPI) Deadlines and Data Systems
  • Michigan Student Data System (MSDS)
  • Exiting Student from the MSDS
  • Reporting EMC Student Outcome Codes in MSDS
  • Student Transcript and Academic Record Repository (STARR)
  • Teacher Student Data Link (TSDL)

Career Technical Education Early Middle College (CTE EMC)

  • Do I need a CTE EMC Program Serial Number (PSN)?
  • EMC and Career Center Programs
  • Leveraging CTE to Support the MMC
  • CTE EMC Student and Completion of a State-approved CTE Program
  • EMC Funding
  • Career and Technical Education Information System (CTEIS)
  • Teacher Student Data Link (TSDL) Repeated for CTE EMC
  • Section 61b State School Aid Formula Funding/Strategic Plans and Planning Grants
  • Developing CTE EMC Programs
  • CTE EMC Sample Program of Study
  • Coding EMC Students Prior to New CTE EMC Program
  • Application Approval
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