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#MIMentalHealth Read

The Moodsters Workbook

Children’s workbook to help understand and cope during the CV-19 pandemic

Are you stressed out-Mental Health America

Find out what stress is, how it feels and what is causing stress in today’s youth.

Stress: Coping with Everyday Problems

Learn how to deal with stress by taking one thing/one day at a time.

Loneliness is hard-Mental Health America

It’s normal to feel lonely. Discover the effects of loneliness and how you can cope.


Age appropriate resources for talking to your children about the CV pandemic.

Coping skills checklist

A list of coping skills including ways to help calm and distract yourself.

Teen self-care

 Information packet with suggestions about different ways you can take care of yourself.

Keep a routine (middle and high school)

Learn the importance of sticking to a schedule and pro tips how to do so. This link also has schedule outlines and an activity bank.

Simple ways to reduce stress, feel better (upper elementary through high school)

Daily Feelings Log (6-8 grades)

The following strategies can help you maintain your strength and resilience in the coming weeks.


KnowResolve is a community based non-profit organization that breaks down the silence, shame and stigma surrounding mental health disorders and works to provide adults and youth with tools needed to prevent suicide.