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Developing a District-Wide Policy

Developing Policy

This section contains the Michigan State Board of Education approved Integration of Schools and Mental Health Systems district policy.

This policy was developed as a culmination of a two-year process, funded by the United States Department of Education (USED), Integration of Schools and Mental Health Systems grant.  The purpose of this policy is to provide districts with background, research outcomes, guidelines, and recommendations for improving access to and coordination of mental health services. The policy also includes strengthening the social and emotional school climate for students, their families, and district staff. It is useful for any district regardless of how many services and resources are currently available.

State Board of Education Approved Mental Health in Schools Policy - Approved February 9, 2010 New Item

Priorities and Proposed Actions Matrix New Item

Included below sample collaborative agreements and referral processes from the three grant pilot site schools:

Collaborative Agreement - Rural Human Services

Collaborative Agreement - Rural Mental Health

Collaborative Agreement - Suburban

Collaborative Agreement - Urban

Referral Process - Rural

Referral Process - Suburban

Referral Process - Urban

Suburban Referral Flow Chart