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CPG Frequently Asked Questions

Is OCTE wanting a soft commitment of instructor stakeholders on the application submission?

The CPG application went out Feb 1st with a due date of April 15th so that grant applicants would have sufficient time to build the stakeholder list, inclusive of postsecondary and secondary educators.  MDE OCTE and LEO understands the stakeholder list may be fluid with additional stakeholders after grant approval. However, the minimum stakeholder participant requirement must be submitted with the grant application.

Is the grant applicant required to use their Perkins V postsecondary grant application partner on the application?

The grant applicant is not required to use their Perkins V secondary grant application postsecondary Perkins partner. The grant applicant must utilize postsecondary grant partner(s) that have the CIP code or correlating CIP code that is being applied for in the CPG application..

Are the Letters of Commitment from Partners the only letters of commitment required?

Yes, the only letters of commitment required are from a minimum of two grant partners—one from secondary and one from postsecondary. One of the grant partners must be a Perkins fiduciary agency.

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