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Gender Equity Program Information

Any K-12 district, RESA, or area center that operates reimbursed wage-earning vocational education programs are encouraged to use monies to support services designed to promote successful experiences for non-traditional students.  These may be activities to recruit, support, or assure retention of non-traditional students in vocational programs.

Non-traditional training and employment is defined as occupations or fields of work, including computer science, technology, and high skill occupations, for which individuals of one gender comprise 25% or less of the individuals employed or enrolled in the field of work.  (Perkins III, Performance Indicator #4)

Approved Activities:      

  • Counselor/staff in-service in Expanding Career Options (or similar)

  • Student training in ASETS model (or similar)

  • Promotional materials portraying non-traditional students

  • Non-sexist (non-biased) interest tests for students

  • Student tours/ internships focused on non-traditional occupations

  • Career Fairs featuring non-traditional careers

  • Role models employed in non-traditional careers

  • Gender Equity Advisory Committee

  • Support groups for non-traditional students

  • Career exploration activities :non-traditional careers

  • Promoting non-traditional careers to parents, employers, community

  • Gender equity materials

  • Other projects with prior approved of Special Populations Programs Unit

Approved expenditures: (must be in support of approved activities)

  • Materials and supplies

  • Transportation of students

  • In-state in-services or conferences for project personnel

  • Local travel

  • Printing

  • Consultants/ Contracted Services

Reporting requirements:

  • Document activities or events

  • Document impact of activities or events

  • Copies of materials developed

  • Copies of V-TES (final and financial)

For additional information on gender-equity please contact:

Michigan Department Education
Office of Career and Technical Education
Gender Equity Consultant
P.O. Box 30712
Lansing, MI 48909