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Administrative Updates for 2023-24

  • No. Intermediate School District (ISD)/Educational Service Agency (ESA) business office time spent on the RAG will no longer be allowable and would be charged to indirect costs for the grant.

  • Prior approval means grant recipients must receive written approval from the Michigan Department of Education before expending RAG funds on approvable and allowable activities. Prior written approval may take either of the following forms:

    • MDE approval of line-item requests and associated supporting documentation in the original or amended NexSys RAG application.
    • If school, district and/or ISD/ESA needs change between the original approved application and/or the next amendment window, the ISD/ESA must submit and receive MDE approval of the RAG Prior Approval Service Request Form. The activities approved in the RAG Prior Approval Service Request Form must be included in the next amendment to the original or previously amended RAG application.

    Activities that have not received prior approval from MDE will not be considered for reimbursement.

  • There will be two RAG application amendment windows for the 2023-24 grant cycle:

    Jan 15 – Feb 28, 2024, for the first round of amendments to make adjustments to the approved application, and May 15 – June 30, 2024, for the second round of amendments to finalize summer program requests.