I am a person with a disability and need assistance in obtaining employment. Is Michigan Rehabilitation Services (MRS) where I need to go and where can I find detailed information about what MRS does?


MRS helps persons with disabilities obtain or maintain employment. To obtain these services toward employment, individuals must meet program eligibility requirements.  There are two ways of learning about MRS. You may review the On-Line Orientation located on or you can call an MRS Office and make an appointment to attend a face-to-face Orientation session. After attending Orientation you will be able to determine if MRS can assist you.



I understand I must be determined eligible to receive MRS services. What is eligibility for services?


Eligibility is based on an existing physical/mental impairment and vocational or work-related barriers due to a disability. Determining eligibility helps you and MRS identify and understand your disability related functional limitations and/or barriers to employment. If you are determined eligible, you and a vocational rehabilitation counselor will identify a suitable job goal, determine the services needed to prepare for the job, and assist with the employment search. It is important to remember that any services provided by MRS must be in support of the job goal planned by you and your counselor.



What does MRS do to work with employers or help businesses?


MRS staff assist employers find and keep qualified employees.  The MRS Business Network Unit is comprised of the Disability Management Program, Accommodation Centers, and Business Consultants, and is a statewide resource for employers/employees who need assistance with management of work-related and non-work related injuries. Third-party billing service is available to independent and self-insured employers. The purpose is to maximize productivity and minimize costs associated with disabilities in the workplace. The licensed professional staff of the Business Network Unit can assist in three major areas:  Prevention, Return-to-Work and Employees at Risk. 


What is the Michigan Career and Technical Institute?

The Michigan Career and Technical Institute (MCTI) is a residential public post-secondary vocational training facility which also provides comprehensive and individualized rehabilitation services. It is operated by MRS and may accept eligible individuals for enrollment referred by MRS counselors, individuals with disabilities referred by other agencies and organizations, and individuals who are not disabled. Students must be 18 years of age or older at the date of enrollment.  MCTI has 14 vocational training programs, including assessments and academic remediation services.


I am thinking about becoming a Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor and would like some information about working for MRS. Where can I find this information?


There are a lot of great reasons to work for MRS as a qualified rehabilitation counselor - reasons that go far beyond good pay and benefits. We offer career growth opportunities, continuing education and professional development, a variety of locations, with offices statewide, flexible work schedules, and challenging /rewarding experiences. To learn more about working for MRS please read the Join Our Team brochure located on


I currently have a child in high school in the special education program. I keep hearing about MRS transition services. What are transition services?


Transition services facilitate and support the movement of high school students with disabilities into adult life activities. The primary role of MRS is to facilitate the transition from school to employment. Employment-related activities must be coordinated with educational activities of the school (many of which relate to future employment) and with other agencies that are supporting students. 


What safeguards does MRS have in place to protect the privacy of my records?


All information you give MRS is protected in confidential electronic or paper records. Only persons involved in your rehabilitation program are allowed access to information about you. Personal information that MRS shares with other agencies is clearly marked confidential and not for re-release. If you are over 18 and do not have a legal guardian, information cannot be shared with family members or your representative without your written permission. For more information, visit our web page at


Does MRS work with other community organizations to complete my rehabilitation?


MRS works collaboratively with many community organizations such as schools, mental health facilities, other state and local government programs, independent living centers, community rehabilitation programs, etc. to coordinate a comprehensive and effective rehabilitation program for your individual needs.


How is MRS funded?


MRS' budget is comprised of 78.7% federal funds and 21.3% state and local match.  The program is authorized by the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 as amended and Title IV of the workforce Investment Act.