How to Locate Payer ID and Other Health Insurance Information

Users can locate a specific payer ID and other health insurance information for a beneficiary by following the steps below.

1. The user first signs into their Provider Portal through CHAMPS.2. The user then selects “Eligibility Inquiry” from the “Member” tab.

Provider CHAMPS Home Screen

3. The user will then enter the “Servicing Provider NPI/Provider ID” and all other required information and select the “Submit” button.

Member Eligibility Inquiry

4. Next, the user will select the blue hyperlink “Commercial/Other” for more information.

Member Benefit Level

5. The next screen will display the Other Insurance information, along with specific Payer IDs for the beneficiary. The user will find the 8 digit Payer ID, under the “Payer ID” column.

Member TPL Information