December 3, 2018: File Transfer Service Maintenance

Please be advised: The File Transfer Service (FTS) performed scheduled maintenance 8:00 am EST to 4:00 pm EST which began Monday, November 26, 2018, through Thursday, November 29, 2018, which provided a testing window for FTP/SSL submitters to be compliant with TLSv1.2. Services were restored at 4:00 pm EST on each day of the maintenance to prevent any TLSv1.2 support issues for submitter file transfers overnight. Submitters may have received an error attempting to connect via FTP/SSL services during the test.

On Friday, November 30, 2018, at 9:00 am EST, TLSv1.2 only support will be disabled only if submitter connectivity is an issue.

Connection impacted: FTP/SSL, port 11250.