May 29, 2019: LOCD Updates

Attention Nursing Facility, MI Choice, PACE, and MI Health Link Providers: 

1. As a reminder, numerous LOCDs are due to expire on June 22, 2019.  Providers are encouraged to conduct a new face to face LOCD prior to the end date to avoid payment interruption.

2. LOCD job aids have been added to the LOCD website. The job aids include the following topics:

  • Supporting Documentation Examples for Verification Review and Secondary Review Qualifying Doors (1-7)
  • Supporting Documentation Examples for LOCD Verification Review and Secondary Review for Door 0
  • Exception/Frailty Criteria Supporting Documentation Examples
  • LOCD End Dates Matched to Provider Enrollment
  • LOCD Selected for Verification Review
  • User Guide for My Inbox Messages
  • Managing List Page with Excel

3. Providers must use LOCD action notice examples provided on the LOCD website when issuing action notices related to LOCD eligibility. Providers must ensure notices include information on how to request a Secondary Review and appeal to Michigan Office of Administrative Hearings and Rules (MOAHR).