July 1, 2019: Record Keeping Reminder

July 1, 2019: All Providers: As a reminder, all Medicaid-reimbursed services are subject to review for conformity with accepted medical practice and Medicaid coverage and limitations. The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) conducts post-payment reviews to verify services, providers, settings, and appropriate billing. Providers must, upon request from authorized agents of the state or federal government, make available for examination and photocopying of all medical records, quality assurance documents, financial records, administrative records, and other documents and records that must be maintained. Providers must maintain, in English and in a legible manner, written or electronic records necessary to fully disclose and document the extent of services provided to beneficiaries. The records are to be retained for a period of not less than seven years from the date of service, regardless of change in ownership or termination of participation in Medicaid for any reason.

For further clarification regarding post-payment review please visit the www.Michigan.gov/MedicaidProviders >> select Policy, Letters & Forms >> select Medicaid Provider Manual >> General Information for Providers Chapter, section 15.1.