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Medicaid home page: www.michigan.gov/medicaid 

Medicaid providers home page: www.michigan.gov/medicaidproviders


Trading Partner Resources: www.michigan.gov/tradingpartners 

Information on the IRS 1095-B tax form: www.michigan.gov/1095B 

Office of the Inspector General - Report Medicaid Fraud and Abuse: www.michigan.gov/fraud

Information about Advance Directives and Patient Advocate Designation form: www.michigan.gov/advancedirectives

MIChild: www.michigan.gov/michild

Healthy Kids Dental: www.healthykidsdental.org

Healthy Michigan Plan: www.healthymichiganplan.org (consumers) & www.michigan.gov/healthymichiganplan (providers)

MI Marketplace Option: www.michigan.gov/mimarketplaceoption 

Medicaid Health Plan Pharmacy Benefit: www.michigan.gov/mcopharmacy

Medicaid Third Party Liability: www.michigan.gov/tpl

MI Care Team (primary care health homes program): www.michigan.gov/micareteam

Home Help: www.michigan.gov/homehelp

Electronic Health Record (EHR) Incentive Program: michiganhealthit.org

MI Bridges Application: www.michigan.gov/mibridges

myHealthPortal: www.michigan.gov/myhealthportal

MI Health Link (Medicare/Medicaid Dual Eligible program): www.michigan.gov/mihealthlink

HIPAA ICD-10: www.michigan.gov/5010icd10

Children's Special Health Care Services: www.michigan.gov/cshcs

Michigan Long Term Care Ombudsman: mltco.org

MI Health Link Ombudsman: mhlo.org