Breastfeeding Campaign

Breastfeeding is Best for Baby



Why Men Should Support Breastfeeding?

Studies show that when mom has the support she's
more likely to breastfeed so that both she and your
baby get the maximum health and developmental benefits.

- Research shows that breastfed babies have fewer colds and
  ear infections.

- The nutrients in breast milk help build the baby's brain and

  immune system.

- Unlike formula, breast milk is always the right temperature

  and ready to serve.

- Breastfeeding builds a close bond between mother, father

  and baby.

- Breastfeeding develops baby's hand-eye coordination.

  Great those future athletes!


WIC provides answers to breastfeeding questions, has feeding specialists who can help moms and babies with breastfeeding problems and helps moms who continue breastfeeding when they go back to work or school. WIC is currently running a statewide breastfeeding awareness media campaign to promote the benefits of breastfeeding.

The breastfeeding awareness campaign educates women on the importance and benefits of breastfeeding, not only to their babies, but to themselves as well. The media is aimed at women with an additional emphasis on African American, Hispanic and Arabic Americans through a variety of media including television, cable, and radio, electronic ads, etc.


The facts are clear, breast milk:

  • Helps your baby grow and stay healthy
  • Is the perfect food meant for your baby
  • Changes to meet your growing baby's needs
  • Breast milk is gentle to baby's stomach - easy to digest so baby doesn't spit up as much
  • Means less colic, constipation, and diarrhea for your baby
  • Protects your baby from illness - breastfed babies have fewer colds, fewer ear infections, fewer respiratory infections
  • Helps brain development and may improve your child's IQ
  • Lowers the risk of your baby developing asthma
  • Decreases chances of your baby having allergies
  • Lessens the risk of your baby developing juvenile diabetes


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First Baby Friendly Hospital in Michigan! 

William Beaumont Hospital in Grosse Pointe, is the only hospital in the state designated as "Baby Friendly" by the group Baby-Friendly USA. Baby-Friendly, which is sponsored by the World Health Organization and United Nations Children's Fund, recognizes hospitals that provide a high level of care and education for breastfeeding mothers and their babies.

Beaumont Grosse Pointe supports breastfeeding through "The Ten Steps to Successful Breastfeeding for Hospitals," as outlined by UNICEF and WHO.

The steps include: following a policy that is routinely communicated, educating expecting mothers about breastfeeding, helping initiate breastfeeding within one hour of birth and teaching women how to maintain lactation. The Ten Steps encourage breastfeeding on demand and "rooming in" - to allow mothers and babies to remain together, as well as referring mothers to breastfeeding support upon discharge.

Unless medically indicated, no food, drink (other than breast milk) or artificial nipples are to be given to breastfeeding infants.

See the release:

View the "Baby Friendly Rap" written and produced by the Breastfeeding Coalition of Oregon and the Massachusetts Breastfeeding Coalition: