Breastfeeding Peer Counseling

This program offers mother to mother breastfeeding education, support, and help for  mothers and babies.

A peer counselor is a mother who has breastfed and received special training to be able to help other mothers.

She can help:

  • Answer your questions before and after your baby is born.
  • Talk with you by phone or in person in the clinic.
  • Share heart to heart information about breastfeeding.


Find peer counselors through WIC:

Find your local WIC office by calling 211 to find what services are offered in your area.

The goals of Peer Counselors are to:

  • Increase the number of WIC moms who breastfeed their infants; 
  • Increase the number of days, weeks and months that breastfeeding continues;
  • Provide breastfeeding encouragement and support to women throughout their infant's first year of life;
  • Enhance state and local WIC joint efforts; and
  • Expand services for moms and their breastfed babies.