WIC System Projects



Thank you for all of your hard work and contribution towards these efforts!




Integrated Service Delivery Project

Integrated Service Delivery (ISD) is a comprehensive, transformative effort in Michigan to better integrate programs and improve customer service and health outcomes. Michigan WIC has partnered with ISD to identify potential WIC clients and connect them to nearby WIC clinics through the self-guided MIBridges portal. In MIBridges, potential clients are presented with the option to send their information directly to the MI-WIC system, where our staff can then review and respond. Our goal in this integration project is to help potentially eligible clients connect with WIC, while also increasing promotion, retention, and caseload. In this, the first year of the project, we have recieved 97,872 referrals, with 94% of the referrals resulting in contact with potential clients.


Summer EBT for Children 

In partnership with the Michigan Department of Education (MDE) and the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), the Michigan WIC Program is administering Summer Electronic Benefits Transfer for Children Demonstration (SEBTC) in select Michigan school districts. SEBTC is a way to provide healthy summer meals for families of students eligible for free or reduced-price lunch. Eligible families will receive $30 worth of nutritious foods per school-aged child, per summer month to buy at any WIC Authorized Retailer around the state. These food benefits will be loaded on electronic benefits transfer (EBT) cards.


Eligible families can create an account on SEBTC Connect where they can find grocery stores near them, check on their benefits, update their family information, and access helpful resources about how to use SEBTC.


Summer 2020 marks the ninth year of the program in Michigan. This year SEBTC is serving over 66,000 students in 18 intermediatSummer EBT logoe school districts. School districts are selected based on recommendations from the USDA, MDE, and the WIC program, and those areas without sufficient summer food service programs were prioritized for this summer. The SEBTC project is sponsored by the USDA and administered by the MDE and the WIC Division of the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services.




For more information about the Summer EBT for Children program, visit https://sebtc.state.mi.us/,or call 888-265-3291.


Communication Flyer: 2020 SEBTC Communication Flyer









MI-WIC Emergency Back Up System

When MI-WIC is unavailable, the Michigan WIC Program has developed an Emergency Backup System (EBS) to ensure WIC clients can continue being served. The MI-WIC EBS has the functionality to certify clients and is to be used when MI-WIC is unavailable for an extended period of time. The Work Group that developed the EBS was a collaborative effort between WIC local agency and state staff. Thanks to the efforts of many, MI-WIC EBS will be tested and piloted soon.




Online EBT and MIS Showcases

Many national and international visitors have joined the Michigan WIC Program for the Michigan WIC Online EBT and MIS Showcase. Since 2009, the state has served as a national model of system excellence as the country's first state to implement an online client eligibility certification system integrated with online EBT.  MI-WIC attracts the attention of many looking to implement similar systems in their home states. Guests receive a demonstration of our EBT and MIS system presented by Michigan WIC state team, a review of EBT and how it works, a visit to WIC clinics to observe how clinic staff interact with MI-WIC including benefit issuance, experience redeeming WIC benefits at both integrated and non-integrated WIC retailers and much more! (Showcase Visitor Map)


MIS-EBT Showcase Visitors Map