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The Michigan WIC Program's Data and System Management (DSM) section provides training and presentations in order to educate audiences on system functionality, special projects, data trends and system enhancement initiatives. Here you will find the latest training and presentation, each with a brief description below. For MI-WIC release presentations, please see System Releases.

For a complete list of WIC trainings, please visit the Michigan Public Health Institute's training site.




                                                       Data Trainings & Presentations

"MI - PNSS and PedNSS Update"  2015 NWA Technology Conference

"Data Mining"  2015 NWA Technology Conference

"Measuring Progress"  2014 Fall WIC Coordinator Meeting

"Disparity and WIC Health Outcome" 2014 Fall WIC Coordinator Meeting

"Measuring Success: How to Use Data for NSP" 2014 Fall Coordinator Webcast

"Michigan WIC Data: Leading the Future" 2014 WIC Conference

"WIC Data: On the Web and in Your Clinic", 2012 Michigan WIC Conference


"Breastfeeding: The Village Norm", 2012 Fall WIC Coordinators Meeting


"WIC: On the Outer Edge of Excellence", 2012 Fall WIC Coordinator Meeting

"Pre-Defined Reports and You! ", 2011 Michigan WIC Conference

"Collecting and Monitoring Quality Data", Spring 2011 Breastfeeding Coordinators Meeting


Preventing Birth Defects: A Collaborative Effort (April 26, 2012)


This two part webcast was done in collaboration with the MDCH's Division of Genomics, Perinatal Health and Chronic Disease Epidemiology. After viewing the webcast, you should be able to:

  1. Describe causes of birth defects with a focus on preventable risk factors.
  2. Identify prevention strategies that improve reproductive outcomes and the occurrence of birth defects.
  3. Discuss how the use of the Michigan WIC data relates risk factors associated with birth defects to the WIC population.
  4. Identify high risk nutrition needs associated with birth defects.
  5. Discuss means to educate WIC mother's on the importance of good preconception and Interconception health practices in lowering the risk for birth defects and other adverse reproductive outcomes.

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System Trainings & Presentations


"WIC Management Systems: Moving Priorities into Production", 2012 Michigan WIC Conference


MI-WIC Role Assignment (May 5, 2011)

This webcast was for WIC Coordinators that assign Roles to their staff. System changes related to MI-WIC Role Assignment was implemented in the April 14, 2011 MI-WIC Release, in order to tighten security and assist in tracking and monitoring of role assignments. This training reviewed and explained those changes including, but not limited to, an additional validation step/screen for new users, an electronic confidentiality agreement, changes to the Staff Information screen and the availability of role descriptions.

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Pre-Defined Reports (March 25, 2010)

This training was designed to educated new and experienced MI-WIC users on the system's pre-defined reports functionality.


This five part trainings includes:

  • A general overview of pre-defined reports
  • An explanation of rules and assumptions
  • A description of report components
  • A step by step walkthrough of pre-defined reports

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