The Application and Application Rights

You must complete and turn in an application to determine if you are able to receive help with assistance such as food, Medicaid, child care, temporary cash, an emergency etc. through the Department of Human Services (DHS). When you file an application, you may need to provide information about all of the members in your household.

To view, print or complete an application, go to DHS Forms/Applications. Application(s) may be hand delivered, mailed or faxed to the local DHS office. You may also apply for the Food Assistance Program and/or State Emergency Relief energy related at

DHS can assist you if you need help filling out the application or need someone to read the application to you. You may pick up an application during regular business hours without an appointment.

If you are unable to come into the office to complete an application because of a disability, you may contact your  local DHS Office to request that someone come to your home to help you complete one. 

Whenever possible, a DHS specialist will meet with you on the same day your application is turned in (not all programs require interviews). Because the specialist may also be seeing people who have appointments before new applicants, you might have to wait before being interviewed.

Application Rights
You have the right to file an assistance application at any time. While many applications are approved or denied before the listed deadlines, legally your application must be approved or denied by DHS within the following number of days: