Front-End Eligibility (FEE)

In focusing on fraud prevention, the Office of Inspector General (OIG) established the Front-End Eligibility (FEE) program. Under FEE, MDHHS eligibility staff may request a pre-eligibility investigation by an OIG agent when applications or re-certifications for public assistance contain suspicious or error prone information. FEE Agents investigate, substantiate or refute discrepancies and suspicious activities. This includes but is not limited to:

  • technical database brokers
  • telephone contacts
  • home calls
  • collateral contacts.

Agents complete the investigation within ten workdays and respond to the eligibility staff with their findings. Investigations are completed prior to opening the case or recertifying the applicant for benefits.

The goal of the FEE program is to obtain and maintain a partnership between the local office staff early in the eligibility determination process to reduce errors and mispayments. FEE has contributed to Food Assistance Program (FAP), Family Independence Program (FIP), Child Development and Care (CDC) and Medical Assistance (MA) eligibility determination error reduction.

FEE agents are located statewide.