Special Investigation Unit

The Office of Inspector General Special Investigation Unit (SIU) investigates the most complex criminal and civil complaints of fraud, waste and abuse in the programs administered by the Department. The SIU identifies and determines existence of sophisticated criminal conspiratorial schemes by employees, contractors, businesses, vendors and recipients to receive program funds.

Most complex complaints and investigations involve:

  • multiple suspects
  • multi-jurisdictional venues
  • program financial and service contracts
  • agency employees
  • agency wide programs and business areas
  • multiple criminal justice agencies
  • MDHHS and contractor accounting records
  • audit involvement
  • MDHHS internal control records and business and financial processes
  • accounting systems
  • computer and information systems
  • designated program areas of high potential for waste, fraud and abuse

Agents ascertain the nature of offenses committed; determine and initiate appropriate criminal, civil and administrative action to resolve the most complex criminal and civil allegations and recover program funds. The SIU formulates recommendations to address fraud vulnerability, internal control and accountability relating to program law, regulation, policy and procedure based upon these complex investigations.

SIU agents are located statewide.

Report Welfare Fraud

If you suspect that anyone has committed welfare fraud, report it online at www.michigan.gov/reportwelfarefraud or by calling 800-222-8558.