Contact Information for Division of Environmental Health

Phone: (517) 335-8350 or 1-800-MI-TOXIC (1-800-648-6942)

Office of the Director 

Kory Groetsch, MS, Division Director

Jacqui Barr, Division Secretary

Lorraine Cameron, PhD, Senior Environmental Epidemiologist

Aaron Ferguson, MPA, Program Manager

Toxicology and Response Section 

Kory Groetsch, MS, Manager

Christina Bush, MS, Toxicologist

Jennifer Gray, PhD, Toxicologist

Lisa Quiggle, MPH, Toxicologist

Jacob Carrick, MS, Toxicologist

Abiy Mussa, PhD, Toxicologist

Michelle Bruneau, MA, Health Educator

Laura Gossiaux, MPH, RN, Health Educator

Susan Manente, MA, Health Educator

Thomas Mata, BS, Project Technician

Kaitlyn Kiessling, BS, Project Analyst

Healthy Homes Section 

Wesley Priem, BA, Industrial Hygiene Manager

Heather L. Johnston, Section Secretary

James Copeland, BS, Compliance Officer

Carin Speidel, BS, Lead-Safe Housing Coordinator

Dave Baxter, Housing Consultant

George Williams, Housing Consultant

Jay Wagar, MA, Program Assistant

Courtney Wisinski, BS, Project Coordinator

Sonya Frick, Certification Assistant

Jennnifer Shutts, Certification Assistant

Environmental Health Surveillance Section

Martha Stanbury, MSPH, Manager

Abby Schwartz, MPH, Epidemiologist

Thomas Largo, MPH, Epidemiologist

Jennifer Beggs, MPH, Epidemiologist

Junaid Maqsood, MPH, Epidemiologist

Jillian Maras, MPH, Program Manager/Epidemiologist