The Michigan Emergency Drug Delivery Resource Utilization Network (MEDDRUN) provides mobile standardized caches of medications and supplies to treat approximately 50 patients.  These caches are located at Michigan rotary air and select ground EMS agencies around the state.  Supplies arrive to 100% of the state within one hour of a request.  The contents are intended to be dynamic and evolve over time based on potential threat scenarios, recommendations, available funding, and changes to medical management strategies.  As the MEDDRUN MedPack is an important Homeland Security asset, the contents of the MedPack are considered confidential and not for public release. 




CHEMPACK is a state managed federal resource of pre-positioned nerve agent/organophosphate antidotes, housed across the state. This resource is intended to treat between 400 and 1000 patients.  The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) established CHEMPACK, throughout the United States starting in 2005. CHEMPACK would be an augmenting resource to the above noted MEDDRUN, which is more quickly mobilized due to size and transportation mechanisms.


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