Letter to the Editor

Newspapers receive numerous letters to the editor each week. To increase the chances of having your letter printed, consider the following:

  • Keep letters short (250-300 words or less) and concise.
  • Write in response to a recent news event or story that was covered.
  • Include contact name and number so that you can be reached if there are further questions.

Format of a Letter to the Editor

Name of publication

Name of contact

Address City,

State, Zip

Dear Editor:

In the opening paragraph, state your reason for writing the letter. Indicate if you are responding to an article, news event or previous letter, if so, reference the name and date of the article or letter.

In the next paragraph, state your case including facts, statistics, quotes, etc.

In the closing paragraph, include a call to action (i.e. learn more about safe sleep, contact legislators, etc.).


Writer’s signature

Name and title

Name of organization and contact info


Sample Safe Sleep Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor:

Our future, our children are our priority. They deserve to be happy and healthy, and live in stable, safe, loving homes. However, in 2015, 159 children died from unsafe sleeping environments, deaths that are largely preventable.

It’s true that since the 1990s, when we learned that it was safer for babies to sleep on their backs, the number of unexplained infant deaths decreased significantly. It is also true that recently, those numbers have stopped decreasing and are now once more beginning to creep upwards. This trend is disturbing not only to professionals, but to parents.

We need to take action. All adults, and all communities, can and must play a role in the prevention of infant suffocation due to unsafe sleeping practices. All people, not just new parents, can and should learn about safe sleep practices. This issue can be discussed at houses of worship, civic organizations and in schools. Together, we can become a community of citizenry that supports the prevention of preventable infant deaths, people from all walks of life; parents, caregivers, business and faith leaders, health practitioners, teachers, and neighbors.

We all need to be on the same page and internalize the same message when it comes to infants and families. That message is as simple as ABC. All infants need to sleep Alone, on their Backs and in a Crib. And we need to spread the word. Because if we believe that children truly are our future, then we need to act now, not next month, or next year, but now.


[Name and Title]


[Contact information]