Infant Safe Sleep Webinars

Webinar Title: Getting Ready for Infant Safe Sleep Awareness Month
Presenters: Colleen Nelson, LMSW, and Audra Brummel, MPH, CHES®, Michigan Department of Health and Human Services; Tracey King, MSA, CLS, Detroit Health Department; and Stefanie Jackson, MCHE, BHSA, CLS, Wayne County Department of Health, Human and Veterans Services
Description: Hear what others are doing for Infant Safe Sleep Awareness Month in October.
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Webinar TItle : Talking with Families About Safe Sleep
Presenters: Colleen Nelson, LMSW and Patti Kelly, MPH, LMSW, Michigan Department of Health and Human Services Infant Safe Sleep Program and Nina Eusani, RN, CLC, Maternal-Child Nurse 
Description: Oftentimes, discussions with families around topics of infant care, such as infant safe sleep and breastfeeding, remain at the educational level. This presentation will explore moving from educating families to engaging families in honest, open dialogue. Risk reduction strategies in the greater Public Health framework will be reviewed along with specific examples of how these strategies can be used in safe sleep conversations with families. During this webinar you will:

  • Learn how a "conversational approach" and the L.O.V.E. framework can be used in safe sleep
  • Explore how to apply risk reduction techniques in safe sleep conversations
  • Hear real-life examples of how these techniques have been be used with families


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Webinar Title: Coordinating with Emergency Medical Services to Support Infant Safe Sleep and More
Presenters: Terrie Godde, BS, CCP, EMS-IC, Education Coordinator; Dr. Samantha Mishra, DO, MPH, EMS for Children Coordinator; and Kristine Kuhl, BAS, M.Com, EMT-P, EMS-IC, Community Paramedic Coordinator
Description: The training covers a variety of topics related to the EMS system in Michigan, including an overview of the following programs:

  • EMS System
  • Community Paramedicine Program
  • EMS for Children
  • Pediatric Champions
  • D.O.S.E Training



Webinar Title: Engaging Fathers in Infant Safe Sleep and More
Presenters: Matt Haviland, Parent Leadership & Male Engagement Specialist, Head Start for Kent County and Jonathan W. Lawrence, MSW, Healthy Start Supervisor, Previous Fatherhood Facilitator
Objectives: After watching this webinar, you will be able to:

  • Educate on the importance of fathers supporting mothers in the prenatal and neonatal periods
  • Educate fathers and those who work with fathers on the importance of a father's role in safe sleep
  • List and explain other ways fathers can bond with their children during the prenatal and neonatal periods
  • Effectively engage and retain fathers in programing
  • Speak to fathers in a language they will understand
  • Create a father friendly environment



Webinar Title: Infant Safe Sleep - Addressing All Those Pesky "Buts"
Presenter: Teresa Holtrop MD, FAAP, Executive Director & Medical Director, Wayne Children's Healthcare Access Program
Description: The webinar covers safe sleep guidelines and delves into the challenges encountered by professionals working with parents of newborns and infants around safe sleep.
Access: Email for the recording and webinar slides


Webinar Title: Cannabis Use: Implications for Pregnancy and Beyond
Presenter: Katie Miller, MPH, CHES, Health Promotion Coordinator for District Health Department #10
Description: The webinar reviews current research findings regarding the health implications of marijuana exposure during the prenatal and postnatal periods. The presenter discusses the known risks to both mom and baby associated with marijuana use during pregnancy and while breastfeeding, as well as potential implications for infant care and safe sleep practices. 


Webinar Title: Motivational Interviewing: Parts I, II, III
Presenter: Randall Estes, LMSW, CAADC, CCS, Pine Rest Christian Health Services
Description: The webinar provides an overview of Motivational Interviewing, including change talk and how to use reflections to reinforce language about change. Part III contains two role plays that demonstrate how motivational interviewing can be used when talking to families about infant safe sleep.
Access: The webinars can be accessed online.
Motivational Interviewing: Part I
Motivational Interviewing: Part II
Motivational Interviewing: Part III


Webinar Title: Unsafe Sleep: Understanding Risks and Protective Factors Independent Study.
Presenters: Colleen Nelson, LMSW and Patti Kelly, MPH, LMSW - Michigan Department of Health and Human Services Infant Safe Sleep Program
Description: This webinar provides in-depth information on the risks and protective factors related to unsafe sleep, including the theories underlying each of the risks and protective factors. Techniques to aid in facilitating effective conversations with parents and caregivers on the various risks and protective factors are presented, along with examples of "real life" case scenarios. Resources are also shared. This webinar was developed for staff of the Women's, Infants and Children (WIC) Program, but is available to anyone wishing to view it.