How can you breastfeed and practice safe sleep?

Breastfeeding does provide the best nutrition for baby, builds the immune system and promotes bonding, as well as many other health benefits. Breastfeeding also reduces the risk of sleep-related infant death.

Before a mother starts breastfeeding her baby, she should think about how tired she is. If there's even a slight chance she may fall asleep while feeding, she should avoid couches and armchairs. These surfaces can be very dangerous places for babies, especially when adults fall asleep with infants while on them. Mothers who bring the baby into an adult bed for feeding or comforting should remove all soft items and bedding from the area, especially if there’s any chance that she may fall asleep. If she accidentally falls asleep while feeding or comforting baby in the adult bed, the mother should put the baby back into his or her separate sleep space as soon as she wakes up. Mothers could set an alarm to wake her up or have a support person available in case she accidentally falls asleep.  Watch this video from the Safe to Sleep® campaign to learn more.