Working with Continuum of Care Bodies (CoCs)

Working with Continuum of Care Bodies


Community Housing Network (CHN) is committed to promoting inclusive communities and housing choice for people with disabilities. CHN recognized the need for people with developmental disabilities to be involved in the Continuum of Care (CoC) process so their voices could be heard and therefore have impact on the funding decisions relative to housing in their communities. Out of this need, the “Working with Continuum of Care Bodies” program was developed and funded through the Michigan Developmental Disabilities Council.

Project staff developed the program “from scratch” and are passionate advocates for persons with disabilities. The program utilizes a regional approach, providing the program to persons in Oakland, Macomb, Wayne (Detroit, Highland Park & Hamtramck), Out Wayne and Monroe counties encompassing 5 CoCs.  The program is designed to educate and empower people with developmental disabilities and secondary stakeholders to advocate for themselves and others, but also to fully participate in the decision making process. Although the subject matter is complex , the presenters have successfully simplified the information to be more easily understood and present it in a series of workshops as well as provide needed support.


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