Medicaid Spend-down


People with Intellectual and/or Developmental Disabilities on Medicaid spend-down do not have enough Protected Income Level (PIL) to live on and qualify for Medicaid.

PIL is the amount of money you can keep and still qualify for Medicaid benefits. The amount you can keep varies in different parts of the state and can be a low as $341 per month.

What is Medicaid spend-down?

Medicaid spend-down is the amount of income that needs to be spent on medical expenses to reach a PIL in order to still have Medicaid benefits.

For example: If your income is $1,000, you will need to spend $659 on medical expenses to keep your Medicaid benefits. The $341 left is your PIL and it is what you have to live on for that month. 


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*You can now enroll in the Healthy Michigan Plan.  To register click here or visit:

For more information on the plan click on the Healthy Michigan Handbook

*Below is a link to a website for Michigan Community Dental Clinics (MCDC).  This organization has a number of dental clinics throughout the state and it accepts Medicaid.  Visit the website to see what services are available and where clinics are located. 
You can phone the MCDC administrative office at 231.547.7638.



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