State Epidemiological Outcomes Workgroup
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The Bureau of Substance Abuse and Addiction Services (now OROSC) received a three-year grant, for $200,000 per year, starting November 1, 2010, for supporting a State Epidemiological Outcomes Workgroup (SEOW). The SEOW mission is to expand, enhance, and integrate the substance use disorder needs assessment, and develop the capacity to address mental, emotional, and behavioral conditions to support and improve upon the quality of life for the citizens of Michigan.

Risk and Protective Factors  

Michigan Epidemiological Profile, 2017  

Michigan Epidemiological Profile, 2015  
Michigan Epidemiological Profile, 2012  
Michigan Epidemiological Profile, 2011   


Report for the following 11 regions: Detroit Department of Health and Wellness, Genesee County Community Mental Health, Lakeshore Coordinating Council, Macomb County Community Health, network180, Northern Michigan Substance Abuse Services, Oakland County Health Division, Saginaw County Department of Public Health, St. Clair County Community Mental Health, Southeast Michigan Community Alliance, and Washtenaw Community Health Organization.


Report for the following 5 regions: Bay Arenac Behavioral Health (BABH)/Riverhaven Coordinating Agency, Kalamazoo Community Health and Substance Abuse Services, Mid-South Substance Abuse Commission, Pathways to Healthy Living, and Western Upper Peninsula Substance Abuse Services.


Definition of EPIDEMIOLOGY  
1: a branch of medical science that deals with the occurrence, distribution, and control of disease in a population
2: the sum of the factors controlling the presence or absence of a particular disease
Adjective – epidemiological


State Epidemiology Outcomes Workgroup (SEOW) Meetings


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