Medication-Assisted Treatment Referral

For patients that are addicted to opioids, Medication Assisted Treatment, in addition to counseling, is considered the best approach to treat opioid addiction.

MAT is use of medications to treat addictions, including opioid, alcohol and tobacco.

There are three types of medication used in MAT for opioid addiction. These medications are:

  • methadone,
  • buprenorphine, and
  • naltrexone.

Methadone is taken at specialty licensed clinics. Buprenorphine can be provided by your primary care provider. Naltrexone can be taken as an injection and the effects last 30 days.

Michigan developed guidelines for prescribers in prescribing medication assisted treatment.

These guidelines can be found here.

The American Society of Addiction Medicine developed guidelines that can be found here.

Further treatment resources for patients can be found here