Engler: Michigan's Population Up to Nearly 10 Million

Contact: John Truscott (517) 335-6397

Governor Engler, commenting on today's release of census numbers, said, "I am extremely pleased with the numbers released today by the U.S. Census. Michigan's population is pushing 10 million, up nearly 7 percent from 1990.

"Contrast this with the 1980s, when the warnings about "turning out the lights" were commonly used to describe Michigan. This is 19 times the growth we experienced over the 80s. This reaffirms we are on the right course and that our policies are working.

"Despite predictions that Michigan would lose two seats in Congress, Michigan lost only one seat. However, this means Michigan's congressional delegation will have to be more aggressive in fighting for Michigan's fair share of funding and services.

"There's no doubt that Michigan has transformed from a stagnant, rust belt economy to a dynamic, high tech economy in an unbelievably short time. Quality schools, lower taxes, and business friendly policies have made it a destination point for many families and businesses.