Healthstyle - a Self-Test

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Note: the following is a self-test that individuals can take to help them identify areas where they can make health changes. It is only meant to increase individuals awareness of their health and does not replace the need for a more thorough assessment.

Information on the Test

Circle the appropriate number next to each statement and then total the number of points for your risk score in each area.

Cigarette Smoking Always Sometimes Never
1. I avoid smoking cigarettes. 2 1 0
Smoking Score:
Physical Activity and Exercise Always Sometimes Never
1. I accumulate 30 or more minutes of moderate physical activity at least 5 days a week (e.g.. walking, yard work, golf w/o a power cart . . .) or engage in vigorous exercise for 20 minutes at least 3 times a week (e.g. jogging, swimming, aerobics . . .). 4 1 0
2. I do things like taking stairs instead of elevators and don't worry about getting the closest available parking spot. 2 1 0
3. I do exercises that enhance my muscle tone and flexibility at least 2 - 3 times per week. 2 1 0
4. I enjoy a variety of recreational activities with friends and family. 2 1 0
Eating Habits Always Sometimes Never
1. I eat a combined 5 servings of fruits and vegetables every day. 2 1 0
2. I eat a variety of grains, breads, pastas and cereal. 2 1 0
3. I limit the amount of fat, saturated fat and cholesterol I eat (including fat on meats, eggs, butter, cream, shortenings, and organ meats such as liver). 2 1 0
4. I limit the amount of salt I eat by cooking with only small amounts, not adding salt at the table, and avoiding salty snacks. 2 1 0
5. I avoid eating too much sugar (especially frequent snacks of sticky candy or soft drinks). 2 1 0
Stress Control Always Sometimes Never
1. I have a job or do other work that I enjoy. 2 1 0
2. I find it easy to relax and express my feelings freely. 2 1 0
3. I recognize early, and prepare for, events or situations likely to be stressful for me. 2 1 0
4. I have close friends, relatives, or others whom I can talk to about personal matters and call on for help when needed. 2 1 0
5. I participate in group activities (such as church and community organizations) or hobbies that I enjoy. 2 1 0
Alcohol and Drugs Always Sometimes Never
1. I avoid drinking alcoholic beverages or I drink no more than 1 or 2 drinks a day. 2 1 0
2. I avoid using alcohol or other drugs (especially illegal drugs) as a way of handling stressful situations or the problems in my life. 2 1 0
3. I am careful not to drink alcohol when taking certain medicines (for example, medicine for sleeping, pain, colds, and allergies), or when pregnant. 2 1 0
4. I read and follow the label directions when using prescribed and over-the-counter drugs. 2 1 0
Safety Always Sometimes Never
1. I wear a seatbelt while riding in a car. 2 1 0
2. I avoid driving while under the influence of alcohol and other drugs. 2 1 0
3. I obey traffic rules and the speed limit when driving. 2 1 0
4. I am careful when using potentially harmful products or substances (such as household cleaners, poisons, and electrical devices). 2 1 0

What your scores mean to you

Give yourself a grade in each area separately with this scale - keep up the good work in areas where you score high while taking a serious and close look at areas where your score is low.

Scores of 9 and 10
Excellent! Your answers show that you are aware of the importance of this area to your health. More important, you are putting your knowledge to work for you by practicing good health habits. As long as you continue to do so, this area should not pose a serious health risk. It's likely that you are setting an example for your family and friends to follow. Since you got a very high score on this part of the test, you may want to consider other areas where your scores indicate room for improvement.

Scores of 6 to 8
Your health practices in this area are good, but there is room for improvement. Look again at the items you answered with a "Sometimes" or "Almost Never." What changes can you make to improve your score? Even a small change can often help you achieve better health.

Scores of 3 to 5
Your health risks are showing! Would you like more information about the risks you are facing and about why it is important for you to change these behaviors? Perhaps you need help in deciding how to successfully make the changes you desire. In either case, help is available.

Scores of 0 to 2
Obviously, you were concerned enough about your health to take the test, but your answers show that you may be taking serious and unnecessary risks with your health. Perhaps you are not aware of the risks and what to do about them. You can easily get the information and help you need to improve, if you wish. The next step is up to you.