Flu Advisory Board

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The Flu Advisory Board (FAB) was formed in 2004 to respond to the crisis with the lack of flu vaccine.  The purpose of the committee was to discern how to best handle the press and demands of providers at both the state and local levels.  Since then, the FAB has grown and changed due to differing influenza seasons and ever changing flu vaccine supplies.  With the changing of leads at MDHHS with our Influenza Coordinator and the ample supply of flu vaccine that we have experienced over the past couple of years, we have felt that the FAB is no longer greatly needed in an advisory role.  Most influenza updates have been included in our quarterly Michigan Advisory Committee on Immunization (MACI) meetings and the urgency of influenza has been covered in those meetings as well.

It is with the current status of influenza vaccine needs being met by multiple manufacturers that we feel the FAB meetings can be suspended until further notice.  We do this with the expectation that flu updates will be provided at the MACI meetings once the flu season is up and running.  In the event of a pandemic influenza season, or should a supply issue arise, FAB would be revisited, if needed, by MDHHS leadership. 

All FAB/Adult members are invited to attend the quarterly MACI meetings to get the most up-to-date influenza information. 

For more information about MACI or Influenza Immunizations, please contact Michelle Doebler at DoeblerM@michigan.gov.

Attention FAB Members: Remember to use the Influenza Vaccine Exchange Network (IVEN), a tool to facilitate redistribution of influenza vaccine, should shortages occur. IVEN is for privately purchased flu vaccine only.