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Fifth Guy Campaign 

fifth guy We all know a Fifth Person - the guy who doesn't wash his hands, the gal who shows up at work sick, the dude who sprays us with spittle. View the PSAs below for tips on how to drop just the right hint - how to say, "Hey, stop getting us all sick."  Adapted from the Florida Department of Health:

Remember: The single best way to protect against the flu is to get vaccinated each year. 

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Key Facts 

  • Vaccination reduces or minimizes health care, societal, and individual costs, or the productivity losses and absenteeism associated with influenza illness  (Source: CDC MMWR Aug. 8, 2008). 
  • One national study estimated the annual economic burden of seasonal influenza in the United States (using 2003 population and dollars) to be $87.1 billion, including $10.4 billion in direct medical costs (Source: CDC MMWR Aug. 8, 2008). 
  • ‘Presenteeism' Mentality in the Workplace (Source: NFID)
    Survey respondents cited a number of economically-driven reasons for why they feel pressured to
    go to work despite being sick with the flu:
    • 60% are concerned about work not getting done in their absence 
    • 48% feel guilty for missing work 
    • 56% or women feel guilty for missing work, as opposed to 42% of men 
    • 24% get no or minimal sick pay 
    • 36% of those with incomes of $25,000 or less are concerned about job loss 
    • 42% of those with incomes of $25,000 or less are concerned with angering their boss