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The Community Campus provides community organizations in Michigan with resources to use with the public in an effort to prevent and reduce high blood pressure and its consequences. 

CDC Sodium Reduction Toolkit. As part of a broader international effort, the U.S Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) developed this toolkit, which provides a brief overview of various topics related to population-level sodium reduction.   

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TV PSAs on high blood pressure: Give Me Your Right Arm. 
This PSA features the message that you need to keep your blood pressure checked...and do it for your family. To view the PSA click on this image and follow directions for this PSA and others on this website. Contact your American Heart Association media contact for information on how to air the PSA in your community (1-800-242-8721).


Know the Facts About High Blood Pressure.
full-color, easy-to-read handout describes the risk factors, prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of high blood pressure. 
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How to Use the Smokers Quit Kit. 
 A 48- page Toolkit offering 3 steps to a new life as a non-smoker. Each step is broken down into 10 phases giving a realistic way to break the habit of smoking. 





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 . Support groups to help you stop smoking. You may also qualify for free one-on-one coaching and nicotine replacement therapy. Call 1-800-QUIT-NOW. 


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Quit Tobacco Resources for Patients.  A helpful state and national resource list for patients interested in quitting their tobacco habit.

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Bookmark with "High Blood Pressure" messages.  This bookmark features key messages for high blood pressure patients.  To obtain a number of bookmarks click here for the order form.






DASH Eating Plan.  This is a 8 x 11.5" card stock tri-fold brochure with the DASH eating plan, recommended daily calorie needs and daily activities.  To obtain a number of brochures click here for the order form.






Less Salt. Better Health.  This is a 7 x 3.5" card stock tri-fold sodium resource with question and answer format.  To obtain a number of brochures click here for the order form.






Patient Health Record. This tri-fold wallet card is designed to record clinical results, medications and provides a means for ongoing discussion and goal setting with your health care provider. To view and print the Health Record click on image. For a number of printed copies click here for an order form.

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Cut Down on Salt and Sodium!
 This easy-reading NIH publication is in English and Spanish. It covers basic messages about how to reduce salt/sodium. To view and download the brochure click on image.  You can also visit the National Institutes of Health webpage.

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"Salt matters. We must act, and act now."
A video featuring the CDC Director, Thomas R. Frieden, MD, MPH that discusses the importance of reducing salt and strategies for consumers to use in their effort to reduce it.  Click on image for Public Service Announcement - about 2 minutes.

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Cardiovascular Risk Factors. An educational pamphlet in Arabic that covers common risk factors for cardiovascular disease and actions to take to reduce the risk factors.

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