LHD Hepatitis C Data Quality and Surveillance Reports


Local Health Department Hepatitis C Virus Surveillance Data Quality Reports

This feedback report is designed to inform local health departments of their Hepatitis C Virus variable completion rates in the MDSS.  This report is not meant to be punitive, but to help LHDs understand where they stand relative to their peers. 

We hope that this tool can be utilized to target data quality improvement.  Where appropriate, disease investigators may be able to use this report to demonstrate programmatic successes or to make a case for additional resources.

Local Health Departments are identified by a code in this report.  Please contact HartA6@michigan.gov or MDHHS-Hepatitis@michigan.gov so that we may provide you with your LHD code.

2017 Q2 HCV Data Quality Report
2017 Q3 HCV Data Quality Report
2017 Q4 HCV Data Quality Report


Local Health Department Hepatitis C Virus Surveillance Report

This monthly report is designed to inform local health departments of Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) cases reported to the Michigan Disease Surveillance System (MDSS) that may be related to injection drug use.  These cases include all acute HCV cases and chronic HCV cases among persons aged 18 to 29. Also included are the number of ED visits related to injection drug use that were reported to the Michigan Syndromic Surveillance System (MSSS).  The purpose of the report is to highlight areas where transmission of HCV may be occurring among people who inject drugs.  The goal is that, when warranted, this information will lead to more timely and effective public health intervention.

Please see our separate document on Technical Notes for how these data are obtained and defined and limitations to the data.

2016 Q1 HCV Surveillance Report
2016 Q2 HCV Surveillance Report
2016 Q3 HCV Surveillance Report
2016 Q4 HCV Surveillance Report

2017 Q2 HCV Surveillance Report
2017 Q3 HCV Surveillance Report
2017 Q4 HCV Surveillance Report


For questions, feedback, or additional requests for data please contact us at MDHHS-Hepatitis@michigan.gov