Michigan HIV Genotype Surveillance

A report summarizing HIV Genotype Surveillance in Michigan 2004-2012 is published by the HIV/STD/TB/VH Epidemiology Section of the Michigan Department of Community Health. Data for this report were generated under the VARHS (Variant, Atypical and Resistant HIV Surveillance) protocol. Michigan was one of 11 states and cities funded by The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to examine baseline viral gentoypes on newly diagnosed HIV positive individuals and assess rates of drug resistance and identity novel and unique HIV strains. 

For questions pertaining to HIV Gentoype Surveillance and VARHS, please contact the Michigan HIV Surveillance Coordinator, Mary-Grace Brandt at 248/424-7913 or email at  brandtm4@michigan.gov

HIV Genotype Surveillance in Michigan 2004-2012 (PDF)