Welcome to the HIV Care Website

These pages focus on providing local Michigan Ryan White HIV Program agencies and case managers with the resources they need to successfully manage their programs and services for people living with HIV. For technical assistance please complete and submit this technical assistance form.


Go to the MIDAP page for:

  • MIDAP information and resources, including:
    • MIDAP Qualifications
    • MIDAP Marketplace Matrix
    • MIDAP Medication Matrix
    • MIDAP Drug Formulary
    • MIDAP Pharmacy Network
    • MIDAP Applications and Forms
  • Premium Assistance information and resources, including:
    • Premium Assistance Qualifications
    • Premium Assistance Application
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Related Resources

Link-Up Michigan connects HIV-positive individuals who live in Michigan and are not currently accessing HIV/AIDS care to medical and non-medical services. Go to the Link-Up Michigan page for:

  • information about how this program works, and
  • a map-based directory of local providers.

Go to the Fiscal Management page for:

  • Fiscal Monitoring Standards for Ryan White Program, Part B
  • Tools for Budget Development, Administrative Costs Reporting, and Program Income Reporting

Go to the Grants and Contracts page for:

  • Grantee Reporting Requirements
  • Contract Requirements (including Michigan Department of Health and Human Services Standards of Care and Ryan White Program Policy Guidance)
  • State of Michigan EGrAMS Portal
  • Current Michigan HIV Care Sub-Recipient Agencies

Go to the Program Resources page for:

  • Standards of Service
  • Statewide Needs Assessment
  • Quality Improvement Resources
  • Michigan HIV Case Management and Clinical Providers
  • Related Resources

Go to the CAREWare page for:

  • CAREWare User Manual
  • Access for New Users
  • First-time Log-In Instructions
  • Password Reset Instructions
  • Ryan White Program Services Report (RSR) Manual
  • CAREWare Units of Service

Go to the Accreditation page for:

  • History of Local Public Health Accreditation in Michigan
  • Current Accreditation Tool
  • Current HIV, AIDS and STD Accreditation Indicators
  • How to Propose Modifications to the Indicators
  • Corrective Plan of Action Timelines
  • High- and Low-Morbidity Local Public Health Departments
  • Contact Information for Technical Assistance

Go to the Education and Information Resources page for:

  • Educational resources of interest to HIV Care providers