HIV Case Reporting and Data in Michigan

This website highlights the work of the HIV Case Reporting and Data team, which collects, analyzes, interprets, and reports on the spread of HIV within our state.

Here, you will find HIV testing and reporting forms, instructions, and guidelines designed for use by local public health professionals, healthcare providers, pharmacists, and insurance companies.

You also will find links to an array of Michigan-based HIV surveillance reports, statistical analyses, and epidemiological profiles that will be of interest to public policymakers, HIV community stakeholders, and others interested in controlling, preventing and monitoring HIV cases within Michigan.

Go to the About Us page to learn about the HIV Case Reporting and Data staff, including how it's organized and who does what.

Go to the Michigan Law and HIV page to learn about Michigan's legal requirements for reporting on HIV and AIDS cases and the HIV-related legal responsibilities of healthcare providers and other healthcare workers.

Go to the HIV Testing and Reporting page to learn about about Michigan HIV testing and reporting protocols and special guidelines for health and life insurance companies and pharmacies.

Go to the HIV Statistics and Data Reports page to learn about the face of HIV in Michigan, HIV trends, unmet HIV care needs, and Michigan's progress in implementing national HIV/AIDS strategies.

Go to the Special Projects page to learn about special HIV Case Reporting and Data projects related to HIV.