Michigan HIV/STD Partner Services

The mission of the Partner Services program is to help reduce the transmission of HIV/sexually transmitted disease (STD) infection among sex and needle-sharing partners of persons diagnosed as having HIV and/or STDs, such as syphilis, gonorrhea and chlamydia.

Through Partner Services, persons infected with HIV/STDs are counseled about their infection by their provider or certified Partner Services staff, and given risk reduction information, treatment, and/or referral to other care services as appropriate. Infected clients also are counseled on the importance of notifying their at-risk sex and needle-sharing partners and told that assistance is available to help them do that, if needed.

Partner Services depends upon the voluntary cooperation of infected persons to work with certified staff or other medical providers to share information about their at-risk partners so that those individuals may be confidentially notified of their potential exposure and provided risk reduction counseling and referral to treatment and other support services.

To learn more about HIV/STD Partner Services in Michigan, download the Michigan HIV Prevention Partner Services Program summary.

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