Certification, Training, and Exams

flowchart of lead certification process

Any person performing lead-based paint activities in the State of Michigan must be certified by the Department of Community Health, Healthy Homes Section (HHS).

I want to: 

... learn about the lead professions

... become certified

To be certified, you must:

  1. Take an approved training course
  2. Submit a Lead Professional certification application
  3. Pass the State certification (3rd party) exam. Certification (3rd party) exams are usually scheduled twice each month. When we receive a complete application, including all fees, you will receive an exam notice in the mail. All exams will be offered on each exam date.

Certifications are valid for three years. An annual certification fee is required by March 31st of each year to keep up-to-date, but no additional training or testing is needed.

... renew my certification

To renew a lead professional certification at the end of the three year period, you must:

  1. Take an approved refresher course
  2. Submit a Lead Professional Renewal application
  3. Pass the State 3rd party exam before March 31st of the third year

Please note that when seeking recertification as a risk assessor, the certified individual must take both the inspector and risk assessor refresher training courses before applying for recertification.

You can renew your certification online here:


... become a Lead Abatement Contractor

Certified lead abatement Workers and Supervisors can not work independently. They must be employed by a certified Lead Abatement Contractor. To become a Lead Abatement Contractor, you must:

  1. Submit a Contractor Certification application, along with the appropriate fees
  2. Submit proof of Workers' Compensation Insurance, or exclusion
  3. Employ only certified lead abatement Workers or Supervisors on all abatement projects.

Contractor certifications expire on December 31st of each year.

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