October 25, 2007, Share and Learn - A Life Course Perspective, One Day Conference

Every year the Division of Genomics, Perinatal Health & Chronic Disease Epidemiology has a one day Division meeting.  At this meeting, team members share information on key initiatives that they are working on. 

The information found here are presentations from those meetings.  The Division shares this information every year with the sole purpose of educating and informing the public of our activities and the results of our initiatives.



Overview: Division of Genomics, Perinatal Health and Chronic Disease Epidemiology

Genomics/BD follow up Overview

Newborn Screening Follow up Overview

MCH Epidemiology Section Overview

Chronic Epidemiology Section Overview 

Family History

BRFSS Highlights

PRAMS Highlights



NBS Follow-up Projects & Region 4 Collaborative 
(multiple presentations)  1 -  2 -  3

From Infant Mortality to Women's Health
(WIC and maternal mortality included)


Birth Defects

Sudden Cardiac Death Review

Factors that Influence Use of Arthritis Care and Self-Help Programs