The Michigan Stroke Initiative

The Michigan Stroke Initiative (MSI, is a coalition of experts in stroke who were convened to address the burden of stroke in Michigan, including the issues, barriers and challenges, and to recommend strategies for reducing the burden.

MSI began in 1997. Today, it has 70 individual members from 20 different Michigan agencies, representing a multidisciplinary, broad-based group from different areas of the state. Much has been accomplished in stroke care since the inception of MSI, but much remains to be done, and MSI continues to work on reducing the burden of stroke in Michigan.

MSI works collaboratively with MOSAIC in a range of areas. MSI assists in interpretation of MOSAIC findings, provides guidance on expanding activities across the continuum of care, assists in the development of a Michigan stroke system of care (SSOC) plan, and advocates for stroke policy and implementation of rules and legislation.

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To learn more about the Michigan Stroke Initiative and the work it does, visit the coalition's website at or e-mail