Self-Management Resources

DSME Programs in Michigan

Refer to this List of MDHHS Certified Diabetes Self-Management Education programs to find one that is convenient for your patients.

Community-based Programs for Patients

Find information about free and low-cost, evidence-based programs proven to help people manage their chronic conditions, including Personal Action Toward Health (PATH, Michigan’s name for the Stanford Chronic Disease Self-Management Program), the Diabetes Prevention Program, and Enhance Fitness. Find program descriptions, referral aids and program listings for your area. 

Reframe Health Lab – Whiteboard Health Videos

This site’s sometimes humorous “whiteboard med school” videos make health and wellness topics accessible to a broad audience. View brief animated videos on a range of topics like the importance of physical activity, low back pain, and the use of opioids for chronic pain can be powerful tools for provider (and patient) education.

Self-Management Education – Learn More. Feel Better. (CDC)

Help your patients understand how much difference it can make for them to take an active role in managing their chronic conditions between visits, with resources from CDC’s Self-Management Education website.

Public Health & Clinical Care Integration (CDC)

Continue expanding your capacity to partner with public health professionals at the state and local levels. Find a wealth of information about best practices, learning opportunities, case studies and more.