Family Preservation Conference

Friday, October 23, 2015


Family Preservation Conference

November 9, 2015


Kellogg Hotel and Conference Center, Michigan State University

 Keynote Speaker:

 Susan Kelly

Sponsored by the Michigan Department of Health and Human Service


Please make your hotel reservations by October 9th.

Please complete registration form and email to: by October 16th.


Conference Objective:

The objective of the conference is to provide a broad range of practical information to support family preservation staff in offering high quality, research supported interventions to families to mitigate the need for out-of-home placement for their children.


Specifically, participants will:

1.      Enhance knowledge of the history of family preservation services in Michigan.

2.      Increase knowledge regarding child abuse and neglect prevention strategies.

3.      Receive practical application of contract components of family preservation programs.

4.      Increase the awareness of family-centered practice within the family preservation services community.


Learning Outcome:

Participants will leave this conference with enhanced knowledge regarding the various aspects of family preservation in Michigan.  This will enable providers to use research-based interventions and practices to allow children to remain safely in their homes when at all possible. 


Target Audience:

Michigan’s Family Preservation service providers:  Families First of Michigan, Family Reunification Program, Parent Partners and Families Together Building Solutions - Pathways to Potential.



Family Preservation - Support When you Need it, Hope for the Future

Susan Kelly is a retired Senior Executive Fellow for Casey Family Programs and one of the founders of Family Preservation in Michigan. The presentation will affirm the past efforts in Michigan’s Family Preservation Program and discuss why family preservation services in Michigan’s services array are the key to safe children and strong families.



Monday, November 9, 2015


7:30-8:30                     Registration and Continental Breakfast    


8:30-8:45                     Welcome/Introductions:  Guy Thompson & Stacie Bladen  


8:45-10:00                   Keynote:  Susan Kelly

Family Preservation:  Support When You Need It, Hope for the Future


10:00-10:15                 Break


10:15-12:00                 Workshops


1.      Education/Employment/Housing

Maddy Day, MSW, Director of Outreach and Training, Center for Fostering Success, Western Michigan University

Ann Rossi, Departmental Analyst, Education/Employment, MDHHS


This session will present resources including:  Education and Training Voucher (ETV), Tuition Incentive Program (TIP), Fostering Futures Scholarship, as well as, important FAFSA information.  It is not only financial resources that help students who have experienced time in foster care achieve success in college, but the comprehensive and tailored support offered at many colleges and universities statewide.  This workshop will explore the importance of campus-based support programs, and your individual role in helping students from foster care access higher education.

2.      Protective Factors

Barb Shaw, MA, Family Preservation Director, Catholic Charities West Michigan  Teresa Marvin, Family Preservation Specialist, MDHHS


This interactive workshop will present the Strengthening FamiliesTM Protective Factors Framework and the practical utilization in family preservation.  Intervention strategies and problem solving will be discussed. 


3.      Prescription Medication Use

Jeanette Scheid, MD, PhD, Medical Consultant, MDHHS


This presentation will start with an overview of brain-behavior relationships, describe information about commonly used psychotropic medications (effects, side effects) and finish with information about how medications can be integrated in multidisciplinary and child-family focused teams.


4.      Trauma and its Impact on Children

Mary Ludtke, MA, Consultant, Mental Health Services to Children and Families, MDHHS 

Mary Mueller, Family & Community Health, MDHHS


This workshop will focus on trauma and toxic stress.  Screening for trauma options, including tools and resources for referrals offered.  Practical strategies to support children during the intervention will be discussed. 

5.      Don’t Let Bed Bugs Bite:  Prevention, Response and Control of Bed Bug Problems

Becky Reik & Erik Foster - Zoonotic Disease Epidemiologists, Michigan Public Health Institute (MPHI)


The workshop will help family preservation workers identify bed bugs and health risks to children and families.  Resources for the prevention and eradication of infestation will be discussed. 


6.      CPS Overview - How It All Works and How You Connect

Rudy Box & Kelcy McArthur - CPS Program Office Departmental Analysts, MDHHS


This workshop will be an overview of Children’s Protective Services investigation and post-investigative requirements, as well as responses to FAQs.

7.      Internet Safety

Rob Gallagher - Parole Agent, Michigan Department of Corrections (MDOC)


This interactive workshop will explore practical information and problem areas to assist families in keeping their children safe as they begin to access the internet.


8.      Suicide Prevention Efforts In Michigan

Seth Persky, Director, Office of Family Advocate, MDHHS


Seth will present resources utilized in Michigan for prevention of suicide.  Resources will be shared in an interactive format for intensive in-home intervention as well as the continuum of services that may be available to families. 


9.      MiTEAM Practice Model Overview and the FTM Process

Rose Clyne & Adiah Jones - MiTEAM Analysts - BSC2 & BSC4, MDHHS


This workshop will provide information regarding why MDHHS has developed the MiTEAM Practice Model and will show how it is delivering services to children, youth and families.  The workshop will outline the guiding principles of child welfare, review MiTEAM case practice skills and key performance indicators that are needed to achieve the outcomes of safety, permanency and well-being.  The process of Family Team Meetings will be reviewed and suggestions made as to how participants of the FTM can play a vital role in the process.


12:00-1:30                   Lunch/Graduate Family Panel

1:30-1:45                     Break

1:45-3:15                     Workshops repeated

3:15-3:30                     Break

3:30-4:30                     Family Preservationist of the Year Award



Conference Site Accommodations and Lodging:


Kellogg Hotel & Conference Center

Michigan State University
219 S. Harrison Rd.

East Lansing, MI  48824
Phone:  (517) 432-4000, Reservation Line:  (800) 875-5090




Room reservations are the responsibility of the contracted agency.

Room Rate:  $75 single and double  


Hotel reservations must be made by October 9, 2015 to guarantee these room rates and availability.  After that date, availability is on a first-come, first-served and rate available basis.  


Parking is in the ramp connected to the Kellogg Center.  Free parking vouchers will be available at registration. 


Conference Fees:

The conference registration is free of charge and is sponsored by the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services.



Workshop Choices (repeated am/pm)

  1. Education/Employment/Housing - Maddy Day & Ann Rossi
  2. Protective Factors - Barb Shaw & Teresa Marvin
  3. Prescription Medication Use - Dr. Jeanette Scheid
  4. Trauma and its Impact on Children - Mary Ludtke & Mary Mueller
  5. Don’t Let the Bed Bugs Bite - Becky Reik & Erik Foster
  6. CPS Overview - Colin Parks, Kelcy McArthur & Rudy Box
  7. Internet Safety - Rob Gallagher
  8. Suicide Prevention in Michigan - Seth Persky
  9. MiTEAM - Traci Kress, Rose Clyne & Adiah Jones


Confirmations will be sent via email only.  Please be sure to include your email address when registering.

Please note that while this conference is free of charge, travel and accommodation costs are the responsibility of the attendee.

Registration for this conference will begin at 8am, and the conference will close at 4:30pm. Attendees are expected to attend the entire day to receive in-service training credit.

To receive in-service training credit, your training facility coordinator must document completion on OTP/JJOLT. For questions regarding documentation of in-service training on OTP/JJOLT contact the Help Desk at DHS‐ or call (313) 465-2603.