Division of Continuous Quality Improvement

cycle graphic of the CQI processMichigan’s child welfare improvement effort is led by the Division of Continuous Quality Improvement. To ensure high quality child welfare services are provided, Michigan’s process incorporates expertise from diverse reviewers from the field, as well as feedback from parents, caregivers, service providers and youth, when appropriate.

Our staff develops and tests review protocols used to measure performance. Reviewers include MDHHS and private agency staff and community stakeholders as well as division staff. The division’s Data Management Unit collaborates with Quality Assurance staff to analyze data on the quality of services.

Our Processes

All states are required to undergo CQI processes defined at the federal level. Michigan meets the federal requirements through the following processes:

Child and Family Services Review: A comprehensive federal review of the entire child welfare system in the state, including a statewide self-assessment, on-site review and stakeholder interviews and focus groups. Michigan has undergone Child and Family Services Reviews in 2002 and 2009, and most recently in August 2018. Learn more about the federal Child and Family Services Review.

Child and Family Services Plan: To receive federal funding for child welfare services under title IV-B of the federal Social Security Act, a state must submit five-year Child and Family Services Plans and Annual Progress and Services Reports. The Child and Family Services Plan is a strategic plan that outlines initiatives and activities that the state will carry out over the next five years to administer and integrate programs and services that promote the safety, permanency and well-being of children and families. The Annual Progress and Services Report provides an annual update on the progress made toward the goals and objectives in their Child and Family Services Plans and outlines the planned activities for the upcoming fiscal year. View Child & Family Services State Plans and Annual Progress and Services Reports.

For additional information on the Child and Family Service Review, please click:

Child welfare continuous quality improvement at the state level begins with a formal review of child welfare services through Quality Service Review and Quality Assurance Compliance Review.

Quality Service Review: This provides a review of ongoing Children’s Protective Services and foster care cases to examine what is working in local communities and identify the challenges to effective practice to ensure children and families benefit from intervention in measurable ways. The case selection process is tailored to mirror the composition of cases proportionate to the public/private foster care split in each county.

It examines the status of the child and caregivers during and after service delivery and determines overall status and practice ratings using a six-point scale. Local communities receive feedback from the QSR assessment and assistance to address practice challenges revealed in the Quality Service Review. These reviews are scheduled on a rotating basis.

Quality Assurance Compliance Review: This review was developed to measure compliance with the Implementation, Sustainability and Exit Plan and new and modified policies and laws, as well as address input from stakeholders. Reviews are conducted twice each year to track compliance and identify areas where technical assistance is needed. The Quality Assurance Compliance Review instrument is modified as needed to ensure practice in the field matches best practices as identified by Strengthening Our Focus on Children and Families sub-teams and other stakeholders. Learn more about the Implementation, Sustainability and Exit Plan.

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For more information, email us at MDHHS-DCQI-CQI@michigan.gov.