Delivering & Monitoring Services

Child welfare services are delivered using the MiTEAM case practice model. The MiTEAM model is based on research showing child welfare services are most effective when they include:

  • Teaming with the family and their supports to make decisions that will keep children safe.
  • Engaging with the family to identify their supports and develop a trusting relationship.
  • Assessment of the strengths and needs of children and families.
  • Mentoring that provides assistance through a flexible and supportive system of coaching.

MiTEAM Specialists, located regionally and in some counties, provide technical assistance through coaching labs, training and mentoring to ensure the model is followed and that staffs receive support. The MiTEAM Virtual Learning Site is available to all public and private agency child welfare staff to support the implementation of the MiTEAM Practice Model enhancements.

The MiTEAM Virtual Learning Site

To learn more, check out this graphic showing how the Quality Service Review is integrated with the MiTEAM model and Child and Family Services Review outcomes.