Current MDHHS IRB Membership

Voting Members

  • Stephen Love - MDHHS employee - Clinical Services Director Kalamazoo Psychiatric Hospital
  • Ian Horste - MDHHS employee - Ethics/Epidemiology
  • Arnie Greenfield - community member - Behavioral Health/Mental Health
  • Mary Seeterlin - MDHHS employee - Laboratory Science
  • David Neff - MDHHS employee - Medicine/Medicaid
  • Carrie Waggoner- MDHHS employee - Law/Privacy Specialist
  • Glenn Copeland - MDHHS employee - Registries/Vital Records
  • Ike Iyioke - community member - Bioethics/International Research
  • Jeff Wieferich - MDHHS employee - Mental Health/Substance Abuse
  • Kobra Eghtedary - MDHHS employee - Woman/Infants/Children
  • Kathryn Macomber - MDHHS employee - HIV/STD Programs
  • Tedra Jackson - MDHHS employee - Developmental Disabilities
  • Mark Lowis - MDHHS employee - Behavioral Health/Mental Health
  • Catherine Reid - MDHHS employee - Medicine/Medicaid
  • Theresa Scorcia-Wilson - MDHHS employee - Health and Administrative

 Alternate Members

  • Tamara Weaver - MDHHS employee - Vital Records
  • Phyllis Zold-Kilbourn - community member - Behavioral Health/Substance Abuse/Prisoner Advocate
  • Colin Boes - MDHHS employee -Law/Privacy Specialist

The MDHHS Institutional Review Board includes volunteer members appointed by the Director of the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services. In keeping with the requirements of federal regulations the board is composed of representatives with varying backgrounds from many subdivisions within the Department of Health and Human Services as well as community members not affiliated with MDHHS. The board includes members with scientific and non-scientific interests, and cannot vote without representation from at least one non-scientist at any convened meeting. For further information please contact the MDHHS IRB