Institutional Review Board Questions and Answers

The MDHHS-IRB is responsible for reviewing, approving and monitoring research that directly or indirectly involves living persons, their tissues or personal information in order to protect the rights of the participants.

How do I request IRB review? 

The instructions and application form are available from this website or you can request these documents by calling 517-241-1928. 

Alternatively, material can be sent electronically to:  Electronic signatures are acceptable.  Documents are also deemed to be signed, if they are submitted electronically from the Outlook mailbox of the "Responsible MDHHS Employee". 

Material for studies that need full committee review must be received at least 10 business days prior to the regularly scheduled monthly meeting.  The committee meets the first Tuesday of each month at the Capitol View Building (address listed above).

How do I request renewal of approval? 

The maximum period of approval for human subjects research is one year. Prior to the expiration date of the approval one of two forms must be completed and sent electronically to: Either the MDHHS IRB Application for Continued Approval form (for studies approved under expedited or full committee review) or the Annual Update on Activities Approved Under Exemption form (for studies having received MDHHS IRB exempt approval). These forms are available from this website.

What is the MDHHS IRB's FWA number? 

The MDHHS IRB is registered with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services with the Federalwide Assurance (FWA) for the Protection of Human Subjects for institutions within the United States under the number FWA00007331.  

How can I get more information or help? 

Additional help is available by emailing or any IRB committee member.  Click this link for a list of current members.

April, 2015